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3 Essential Reasons to Learn Spanish During Christmas in Oaxaca

Learning Spanish in Oaxaca during Christmas isn't just educational. It's a gateway to the heart of the city's vibrant traditions.

Alcala street during Christmas in Oaxaca
Alcala Street during Christmas in Oaxaca

Reason 1: Enhanced Understanding of Cultural Events

Oaxaca is famous for its rich culture. Christmas is the second most significant celebration for families in Oaxaca, after the Day of the Dead.

By learning Spanish, you can fully experience Oaxacan Christmas traditions. Instituto Cultural Oaxaca offers a Spanish Christmas program that provides cultural context. This program helps you understand the stories, songs, and customs essential to Oaxacan Christmas celebrations.

Understanding these traditions will enable you to appreciate the depth and significance of the festivities beyond their surface level.

Reason 2: Facilitate Participation in Community Gatherings

Christmas is a special holiday that we celebrate with our loved ones. In Mexico, from December 16 to 24, there are "posadas," which are nine consecutive days of gatherings in different homes to commemorate the time of the nativity. Attending these gatherings is a great way to understand the culture and a perfect opportunity to practice speaking Spanish. To experience the authentic culture of the community, immerse yourself in the Christmas in Oaxaca.

Reason 3: Experience the Delightful Christmas Cuisine of Oaxaca.

In Oaxaca, Christmas recipes are often passed down verbally, in Spanish, making language the secret ingredient.

After 9 days of Posadas, the main family celebration occurs on Christmas eveOn the night of December 24, Oaxacan Families gather together to celebrate Christmas, and among the many dishes cooked that night, the most remarkable is "Romeritos with nopales and dried shrimp."

Without question, Romeritos is one of those dishes that the recipe passes generation through generation. Staying with a homestay family would make your Christmas experience a holistic immersion in Oaxaca.

At Instituto Cultural Oaxaca, during our Christmas Program, we host a Cooking Workshop where you will learn to cook the traditional Oaxacan Christmas Cuisine while practicing your Spanish.

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