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Latin American Literature Course

Delving into contemporary Mexican and Latin American literature is like unlocking your Spanish Language Skills

Contemporary Mexican and Latin American Literature Program

The Contemporary Mexican and Latin American Literature Course is a 4-week  Spanish Language course offered in the Winter of 2024 by the Instituto Cultural Oaxaca. Classes will begin on Monday, June 3, and conclude on Friday, June 28, 2024.

The objective of this program is for upper-intermediate and advanced-level students to enrich their vocabulary and linguistic structures of Spanish, as well as their cultural background and knowledge of the history of Spanish-speaking countries through the appreciation of the literary texts that have been produced in in the last century, for which contemporary texts will be read, with particular attention to the Hispanic American avant-garde narrative and the "Literary Boom" in Hispanic America.

The literary genres addressed in this course are mainly narrative, mostly poetry and theater, and more briefly, essays. 

During this course, students will read, analyze and discuss short readings by Latin American authors such as Jorge Luis Borges, Elena Poniatwoska, Pablo Neruda, Federico García Lorca, Gabriel García Marquez, Rosario Castellanos, among others.

Students will be able to read the texts during the class sessions, carrying out activities of awareness, comprehension, identification of vocabulary and even literary creation.

Key Objectives

Linguistic Enrichment

Expand your vocabulary and master complex linguistic structures of the Spanish language.

Cultural and Historical Insights

Gain a profound understanding of the cultural and historical contexts shaping Spanish-speaking countries.

Literary Exploration:

Delve into the most influential literary works of the last century, with a special focus on the Hispanic American avant-garde narrative and the renowned "Literary Boom.

About the Mexican & Latin American Literature Programish

Flexible Enrollment Options:

This course offers flexible enrollment durations. You can join us for any period ranging from one week to the whole four-week experience. Join the course any Monday throughout June 2024, allowing you to start the course at a time that best suits you. Embrace this unique chance to tailor your learning journey in the enchanting Mexican and Latin American literature world at Instituto Cultural Oaxaca.

Latin American & Mexican Literature Spanish Course Fees

In addition to this course students can also join cultural workshops for an additional fee.

Requirements to join this course.

  • Be a student or user of Spanish as a second language.

  • Have at least an upper-intermediate level  B2) of Spanish as a second language according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

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