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Spanish for Children

Interactive Learning through Playful Activities for Kids

An immersive and engaging educational experience designed to empower children with enhanced Spanish language skills while exploring the captivating city of Oaxaca. Aimed at young learners, ages five to twelve, this program combines interactive language lessons, cultural activities, and hands-on experiences to foster a deep understanding and appreciation for the Spanish language and Mexican culture. Whether it's a short vacation or an extended stay, ICO's kids program offers a unique opportunity for children to improve their Spanish command in a fun and memorable way.

Enhancing Kids' Spanish Language Skills in Enchanting Oaxaca City!

Kids Spanish Summer Camp at Instituto Cultural Oaxaca

Spanish immersion
Summer Programs

Through the Spanish Immersion Summer Programs kids will engage with Spanish through play-centered and hands-on educational activities, carefully designed to support their Spanish literacy.

Kids Spanish Program Curriculum

Immersive Language Learning: 

Through a combination of games, role-playing, and engaging exercises, children are encouraged to actively participate, practice their speaking skills, and build confidence in using the Spanish language. From basic vocabulary and grammar to conversational fluency, the program provides a comprehensive learning environment that fosters linguistic growth.


Cultural Experiences: 

ICO's Children's Spanish program places an emphatic emphasis on cultural immersion. Hence, kids experience hands-on workshops on traditional crafts like piñata making, mask making, and natural dying. 

In addition, children get firsthand exposure to the local way of life, enabling them to develop a deeper appreciation for the language by understanding its cultural context.

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