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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What day of the week should I arrive in Oaxaca?
    Please arrive to the Institute at 8:30 AM on your first day of classes. On your first day of classes students take a placement test and settle the balance of their tuition. Classes start at 9:00 AM.
  • How should I register?
    To register for classes please fill out the registration form, once you fill the registration form you will be taken to pay a USD 55 deposit, this deposit is fully refundable until 14 days before your arrival. After 14 days before your arrival you can use the deposit towards Online Spanish classes or for future in person classes. You can pay your deposit with online with Paypal, VISA or MasterCard.
  • Is it possible to start the course on any Monday, or is it necessary to commence only at the start of a session?
    Our programs consist of two-week courses that commence every alternate Monday. While you have the flexibility to start on any Monday, please note that joining on a non-course start Monday may result in being placed in an ongoing class. At Instituto Cultural Oaxaca, you have the option to enroll for a duration ranging from one week to as long as you desire
  • What is the typical number of students in each class?
    Our classes are designed to be small, with usually 2 to 6 students, to foster individual attention from the teacher and a collaborative group-learning atmosphere. At Instituto Cultural Oaxaca, we ensure our class sizes do not exceed 8 students. The actual number can vary based on the level of study and the time of year. For instance, during our peak months of June, July, August, and January, class sizes may average closer to 7 students. In contrast, during the less busy Fall and Spring months, classes often have around 3 students.
  • What is the typical age range and demographic profile of students at ICO?
    Our student community at ICO is diverse, spanning from elementary school children to individuals in their 70s and 80s. Our students come from various backgrounds, including solo learners, middle and high school groups, colleges, university students, groups of friends, and families. While the majority of our students are from the United States, we proudly host a significant number from many other countries across the globe, like Canada, Germany, Switzerland, Australia, New Zealand, and Japan.
  • Is it possible to earn college credit for courses taken at ICO?
    Yes, our program, which includes classes, conversation sessions, workshops, intercambios, and cultural activities, accounts for a total of 128 contact hours over each 4-week session. Many universities in the U.S. and Europe have accepted these for college credit. However, we recommend that students confirm the credit transfer requirements with their respective universities before enrolling at the Institute.
  • What is the educational background and experience of ICO's teaching staff?
    Every instructor at ICO is a university graduate and comes with prior teaching experience. Our core group of year-round teachers each boasts a minimum of five years of teaching experience, along with a wealth of cultural and life knowledge that enriches the classroom environment. Additionally, all ICO instructors undergo our specialized teacher training program and participate regularly in training sessions and seminars to refine their teaching skills.
  • What accommodation options are available for students at ICO?
    Upon completing your registration, you'll receive a welcome survey. If you need assistance with accommodations, please indicate your preferred lodging type, and we'll be happy to make arrangements for you. Homestay: Living with an Oaxacan family provides the opportunity for constant engagement with the Spanish language and culture, enhancing your comprehension and speaking skills. The cost is US $28 per night, including breakfast. Optional meals like 'comida' (main meal) at US $8 and 'cena' (light evening snack) at US $7 are also available. Apartment: We offer furnished, serviced apartments in different neighborhoods. This option allows for more independence, suitable for individuals, families, or groups. Monthly rental rates range from US $500 to US $2,500. Bed and Breakfast: For those preferring a Bed and Breakfast, we recommend 'La Betulia Bed and Breakfast,' which offers discounts to ICO students. You can arrange your stay directly through their website at, or we can assist you in making the arrangements.
  • What items should I pack for my stay in a homestay accommodation?
    In homestay accommodations, towels and sheets are provided for students. However, you should bring your own toiletries. While gifts for the host family are not mandatory, a small token of appreciation is always a thoughtful gesture. Edible gifts or items representative of your home region are especially well-received and appreciated by host families.
  • What is the preferred method of payment for homestay accommodations?
    At ICO, we advocate for responsible tourism and fair trade practices. Therefore, we ask that you pay the homestay family directly, as we do not charge any fees or commissions. Homestay families typically accept only cash payments in Mexican pesos. We recommend paying the homestay family weekly, at the end of each week.
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