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The Importance of Cultural Workshops in Learning Spanish

Updated: Jan 10

What are Cultural Workshops?

Cultural Workshops - Pottery class at Instituto Cultural Oaxaca
Cultural Workshops - Pottery class at Instituto Cultural Oaxaca

Cultural workshops are a space to experience

Oaxacan culture and practice Spanish.

These workshops provide a hands-on approach to learning Spanish by combining language classes with activities such as Oaxacan cooking, weaving, ceramics, music or photography. These activities create an engaging and enjoyable learning environment for students while allowing them to discover the culture of Oaxaca.

Why are Cultural Workshops important in learning Spanish?

Cultural workshops play a vital role in learning Spanish, providing a unique opportunity to immerse oneself in the language and gain a deeper understanding of the culture. Spanish students can explore Oaxaca and Mexico's rich traditions, customs, and history by participating in these workshops.

With the advancement of technology and communications today, learning a second language online is very easy. You can learn grammar and practice listening, reading, writing, or speaking, but people generally struggle to practice speaking in another language; cultural workshops are an opportunity to speak Spanish and use what you have learned. If you neglect to spend time on any of the four abilities, listening, reading, writing, or speaking, you will not advance in that area.

How do Cultural Workshops enhance Language Learning?

Our Cultural Workshops challenge students to apply their Spanish language skills in real-world contexts and to appreciate the rich cultural heritage behind the language. Traditional arts, crafts, culinary experiences, and Spanish conversation are covered, creating a comprehensive and engaging learning environment for those seeking a deeper connection to Oaxaca.

What are the types of activities in cultural workshops for learning Spanish?

The main goal of the cultural workshops is to experience the culture of Oaxaca through the Spanish language and, therefore, practice Spanish.

Every workshop is unique and offers different possibilities to speak Spanish. For example, in the cooking workshop, students prepare traditional dishes under the guidance of a teacher who will constantly introduce them to the use of the Spanish language with new vocabulary and phrases from the world of cooking. It is also an opportunity to interact with native speakers.

In the workshop Oaxaca through Photography, students use the photographs they have taken during their stay in this city and are encouraged to discover and photograph something out of the ordinary in order to have the opportunity to describe, discuss and give their opinion with other students about the idea behind each photo. It is also an opportunity to interact with the teacher and clarify any doubts they may have.

Through the cultural workshops, students get to analyze, describe, discuss, converse, and ask questions in Spanish, a magnificent seminar to learn about Oaxaca and practice Spanish.

Examples of Cultural Workshops for learning Spanish?

Among the workshops we have thought of over the years are Salsa dancing, cooking, back-strap weaving, pottery, music, photography, visits to different neighborhoods of Oaxaca, alebrije painting, Mexican history, Oaxacan art history, or even studying famous artists like Frida Kahlo.

Cultural Workshops are part of our Full Spanish Immersion program.

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