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20-hours spanish language program

The 20-Hours Spanish language program is a fantastic option if you wish to have free time in the afternoons but have prioritized enhancing your speaking and conversation skills.

Your day begins at 9 am, with three hours of Spanish language learning focusing on improving your grammar. The 20-Hour Spanish program includes three hours of Spanish language instruction plus an additional hour of conversation class, directly addressing one of the essential aspects of your language acquisition. At mid-day, your teacher will most likely take your small group out to the school's beautiful gardens, where you can apply the knowledge acquired in the classroom to conversations of common interest to help you practice your conversational skills.

The goal of this hour is to enable you to employ your improving Spanish in a comfortable, nonthreatening setting with your teacher on hand to assist you and your peers as you go along.

The daily schedule for the 20-Hour program is as follows:
* Spanish classes (3 hours)
* Conversation class (1 hour)

• Students have the afternoon free for their activities.
• Learn how to speak Spanish fluently

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