Historical & Archeological Excursions

Yagul, Teotitlan del Valle and Tlacochahuaya

This tour begins at Yagul, an archaeological site 45 km east of Oaxaca.

Due to the complexity and size of Yagul’s buildings, it is thought that the area at one time functioned as its own city-state. Unique to this site are the Palace of Six Patios and the ball court (the second largest in Mesoamerica) and its magnificent view of the Valley of Oaxaca.

Teotitlan del Valle, the second stop, is famous for its woven rugs (tapetes) and textiles. These products, woven on traditional hand-looms, are often made with hand carded, spun and dyed wools. You have the opportunity to visit a local residence where this process is explained in detail.

The third stop on this tour is the 16th century Church and Ex-Convent of San Jerónimo, located in San Jerónimo Tlacochahuaya, a small village. Constructed by indigenous people and decorated by Europeans, this church is an excellent example of religious syncretism in the Valley of Oaxaca. Of special interest are the three oil paintings depicting the story of the Virgin of Guadalupe that adorn the nave of the church, as well as the restored 16th century pipe organ.

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