2020 a year of Online Spanish Classes.

For all of us, one way or another, 2020 has had quite an impact on our lives, and for us, it has been quite a challenge. What seemed to be one of the best years in tourism coming to Oaxaca turned out to be the worst, but an opportunity was raised as our whole team moved to teach Spanish Language Classes Online.

Early in 2020, as countries started to banned travel and students started canceling their Spanish Language Classes in Oaxaca, our team worked on an alternative to provide Online Spanish Language Classes and promote the Mexican culture, history, gastronomy, and art of Oaxaca and Mexico. At first, we started to promote online Spanish private classes, but our teachers came with a new alternative a few weeks later: Tertulias.


In the Spanish language, the word tertulia means gathering people who meet regularly to talk or discuss a certain subject or current affairs, usually in a café or publicly on a television or radio program. In our case, students meet online to discuss, analyze, and converse about topics related to Oaxaca’s culture, biodiversity,  history, literature, gastronomy, and art. Tertulias are limited to 3 students. We usually program from 4 to 5 sessions about a specific topic every month.

The way it works is that students sign up directly on our website, then the professor sends them a welcome email.  Every week before the class, students receive an email from the professor with the materials and a zoom link. During the class, students discuss, analyze, and talk about the subject of the class.

Some of the topics of our tertulias have been Pintores oaxaqueños, Oaxacan folk art, Oaxacan street food, Pueblos mágicos de México, Mexican history, birds of Mexico, and our literary series, which consist of studying short stories of Mexican authors like Guadalupe Nettel, Angeles Mastretta, Ana Garcia Bergua, Silvia Molina among others. 

ICO’s literary series has been so popular that we launched a reading club in June, which we call “Club de Lectura.”

Club de Lectura

Our online Spanish language reading club consists of reading Spanish Language books; the reading club usually includes a different book every month. At the reading club, a maximum of 5 students participates in every course. Students have to get the book in advance, depending on the book’s length, the number of sessions, and price changes. Some of the books we have read are Batallas del Desierto by Jose Emilio Pacheo, Juan Rulfo’s Pedro Paramo, and the latest Guadalupe Nettel’s book, published in 2020: La Hija única, among others. 


For more information about Instituto Cultural Oaxaca’s Online Spanish Classes, visit www.icomexico.mx.