Natural Disasters  – Current Situation in Mexico – Spanish Conversation Class

In this class we discussed the current situation in Mexico after the Natural Disasters last week.

Level: Intermediate

Title: natural disasters; current situation in Mexico


You will learn and practice how:

  • Express opinions and impressions.

Grammar:  review present subjunctive and perfect preterite of the subjunctive

Teacher´s Name: Herman Martínez

Maximum number of participants: 5

Recommended Previous Knowledge/abilities:  To be able to describe experiences, events, wishes, and aspirations; briefly justify your opinions or explain your know the present subjunctive and the perfect preterite of the subjunctive. past participle conjugation.

Previous activities:  read current events about the hurricanes in Mexico


Registration and Information

If you are interested in participating you should:

  1. Send us an email with your full name, which confirms your participation in the session to

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