Here at ICO, we hope that you’ll learn just how much fun Spanish can be.  Like any language, Spanish is full of colorful slang expressions.  On Fridays, we’ll be teaching you a combination of useful everyday words and fun common colloquialisms.


The phrase “pillow talk” – meaning, usually, the conversations you have with your partner late at night as you’re falling asleep – has no good Spanish translation.  But in Spanish, the humble pillow has a place in a few expressions that sound much more prosaic in English.  

lo voy a consultar con la almohada                        I’m going to sleep on it

English speakers who are having a hard time making a big decision “sleep on it.”  Spanish speakers consultar la almohada, or talk about it with their pillow.

cara de almohada                                                    a sleepy face

Someone who looks sleepy has a cara de almohada or pillow face.  This phrase also refers to what happens when you’ve just woken up and have creases all over your face!

un cuerpo de almohada vieja                                   an unattractive body

Finally, you can also describe someone unattractive as having un cuerpo de almohada vieja “a body like an old pillow,” but it sounds at least as mean in Spanish as it does in English, so I wouldn’t recommend it.