Here at ICO, we hope that you’ll learn just how much fun Spanish can be.  Like any language, Spanish is full of colorful slang expressions.  On Fridays, we’ll be teaching you a combination of useful everyday words and fun common colloquialisms.
What do you say when there’s lots and lots of something?  In English, you probably know a dozen different ways to say this: a ton, a pile, a gajillion, and so on and so forth.  In spanish, here are a handful:

un millón        a million
un millar        a thousand (or a thousand million, depending on where); a large quantity
un montón (de)    a heap
varios            many
muchos        many
muchísimos        very many
(una) cantidad (de)    a (massive) quantity

Want to go out tonight?  I can’t, tengo un millón de cosas que hacer.  But there’s a party.  Es que tengo cantidad de trabajo.  How many people are going to the party?  Un montón.