While you’re studying at the ICO, what better place to do your homework – and tell your friends at home what a great time you’re having – than a café?  Since Oaxaca produces quite a lot of coffee, it has the potential to be a truly local experience.  Some of our favorites:

Lobo Azul Tostadores y Café
Armenta y López 120, between Guerrero and Colón, Centro

If you like a side of politics with your coffee, this is the place to go.  The walls are covered with political posters from around the world, and a set of four clocks shows the time locally, and in San Francisco, Palestine, and Tibet.  The (delicious) dishes on the menu are named after artists, leaders, and visionaries.

Xolotl 118, between García Vígil and Macedonio Alcalá, Xochimilco

This tiny café, with just a handful of tables, is on a pedestrian-only street and thus a quiet environment to work in.  The coffee is delicious, as are the breakfasts; they have a wide selection of teas as well.

López Alavez 125, corner of Santo Tomás, Xochimilco

This Xochimilco café also sells organic foods like unsweetened yogurt and whole wheat bread as well as local crafts.  Come on Friday or Saturday to sip an espresso or snack on empanadas, on your way to or from the Pochote market!

Café Brújula
Garcia Vigil 409D, between Allende and Abasolo, Centro

My neoyorquina soul needs an occasional bagel, preferably with cream cheese and smoked salmon, and Café Brújula is one of the only places in Oaxaca where this craving can be fulfilled.  The coffee is local (and fantastic), the cucumber lemonade is justifiably famous, and the chocolate cake is so good it should be illegal: bring a friend to share it or risk a stomachache!

Allende 109, between Macedonio Alcalá and García Vigil, Centro

Not only is the coffee quite good but this place is also a bar and restaurant.  They have a very generous comida corrida as well as the best hamburgers in town.

Los Cuiles
Labastida 115, between Macedonio Alcalá and 5 de Mayo, Centro

It’s not unusual for all of the patrons in here to be bent over either a laptop, a book, or both.  Popular with students – both local and foreign.  Breakfast is generous almost to a fault, but I can’t get enough of the avocado-topped molletes.


What have we left out?  Tell us <i>your</i> favorites and we’ll feature them in a future blog post.