Oaxaca, situated in the south east of Mexico with a significant share of coast line on the Pacific Ocean, is one of those fantastic year-round destinations. An average temperature of 75F/25C makes Oaxaca the perfect year-round destation to Learn Spanish, there really isn’t bad time to come!


Here is a list of popular Oaxaca attractions through the year  to check out, whether you’re here summer or winter:


  • The Guelagueza Festival – This popular summer cultural festival of Folklore, music, art and gastronomy sets apart from the traditional dances of the Guelaguetza
  • Hike or Bike – The Sierra Norte of Oaxaca is the perfect place to scape during the weekend to hit the slops. There are wide-open, well-groomed runs for beginners and challenging or less-groomed for experts.
  • Teotitlan del Valle Annual Festival – In this traditional Cultural Festival,  you can enjoy and be witness of one of the most expressive folkloric dances of Oaxaca “La danza del Pluma,” participate in the annual Tamale fair and enjoy one of the most important festivals in the central valleys of Oaxaca


The best of all seasons to be in Oaxaca, not too hot and the rain season ends on early October letting you to enjoy the best evenings of the year and the best celebration of all Oaxacan Celebrations!

  • Day of the Dead or “Día de los Muertos” – The most time-honored and expressive holiday of Oaxaca. Although “Día de los Muertos”  is known all over Mexico, Oaxaca has become known for it’s ornately rich celebrations venerating the return of their deceased loved ones on November 1st and 2nd. During this time of the year at the Instituto Cultural Oaxaca apart from teaching Spanish we focus our culture classes on this season and students participate in our Mask Making workshop to use in our annual “comparsa”


  • Posadas – A nine-day celebration with origins in Spain, now celebrated chiefly in Mexico, beginning on December 16th and ending on the 24th. Every Year at the Instituto Cultural Oaxaca we celebrate our annual “posada” in which we sing Christmas carols (Villancicos) and students, homestay families and children break different the piñatas made in our Piñata making workshop that takes place during the Spanish Program of December


  • Night of the Radishes – Noche de Rabanos – A unique Oaxacan expression of the Christmas season takes places on December 23rd. Since 1897 takes places in the “zócalo”


  • Cuaresma – Lent –  is a wonderful time to come to Oaxaca! What it is Day of the Dead in the fall, it is “Viernes de Dolores” or “Friday of Sorrows” during lent. During this season you can enjoy all the festivities around this wonderful season that starts on Ash Wednesday and ends on Easter! – During Easter is the perfect time to visit the different markets on the valley of Oaxaca, since they are provide all Oaxacans with flowers, sweets and all the ingredients for the celebrations. They are also a key component of the season!

Always is a wonderful time to come to the Oaxaca and sit at the Zocalo and enjoy the refreshing shadows of the “laurales de la india” which are not from India, but from “the indias” which back at the time of the discovery of America is where the Spanish believed they had arrived to.

For more information about the Spanish Program of the Instituto Cultural Oaxaca visit: www.icomexico.com