What is a Tlayuda and where to find the best in town?

A Tlayuda is a typical dish from Oaxaca. I am pretty sure you can remember hearing: ” Tlayudas o Blandas? ” in the markets. These are two different types of tortillas, the blanda is the one people generally eat with daily meals and all over Mexico and the tlayuda is a bigger and crispier tortilla which you can only be found in Oaxaca. It can be made out of different corns and for that reason, the color can be different depending where and with whom you buy it.

A tlayuda is made with the following ingredients:
– Tortilla called tlayuda
– Asiento (pork grease)
– Black beans (frijoles)
– Cabbage (col)
– Spicy sauce (Salsa)
– Guacamole
– Quesillo or Queso

Depending on where you eat it, some people also prepare it with:
– Avocado slices
– Tomato slices
– Lettuce

You can ask your tlayuda with meat or without “sencilla”. Here are the choices of meat you can usually have:
– Beef (res, tasajo)
– Pork feet (pata de puerco)
– Pork meet (cecina)
– Chicken (pollo)
– Choriso (type of sausage)
– Ribs (costilla)

Some people say the tlayuda is the Oaxacan pizza. I prefer not to compare it to aything since, from my point of view, it is very particular and can not be compared. I will let you make your own decision about it!

*Last thing you might want to know…the tlayuda can be served open or folded.


This is hard to say since everyone has  their “favorite” tlayuda spot. Here, I am going to share some of the most popular places and a few of my favorites.

You can get a tlayuda from 7pm to very late at night or, depending of how you say it, very early in the morning.

Tlayudas on Los Libres street
These are really stuffed tlayudas, you can eat them outside sitting on a bench or inside in the restaurant.

Tlayudas on Bustamante street
This tlayuda stand is on the street. The tlayudas are really yummy and this is one of the places where they put some tomato and avocado slices. Their salsa is amazing…it is made with a chile called “chile de agua”. This salsa is not blended so you can part the chile pieces how you like it and enjoy biting in it!

Tlayudas from Benito Juarez market
There is a lot of tlayudas stands outside of the market at night. You can find them on Las casas street and the best stand is the second one if you are arriving from Flores Magon street. This place is ran by 2 sisters and it is always the one with the most people. Watch out: the salsa is delicious but very spicy since they make it with the chile called habanero (the spiciest one).

There is a lot of places where you can find this delicious Oaxacan dish, there is also some villages that are known for the tlayudas they make but I will let you explore and find your favorite!

Buen provecho! (enjoy your meal)

Tlayudas price is usually in between 20 to 50 pesos.