1. La Jicara – veggie comida corrida every Monday and Wednesday, and tasty, healthy veggie options on their regular menu – Porfirio Díaz 1105, Oaxaca de Juarez, Mexico
  2. 100% Natural – Here you can find a big selection of veggie foods, some traditional Oaxaca, some not. Dr Liceaga 115, Oaxaca, Oaxaca
  3. Maria Bonita – You can find lots of menu options, a decent selection for veggies. Macedonio Alcala 706 B, Oaxaca
  4. Any torta stand around the city – quesillo, beans, guacamole, tres quesos, etc.. – Tortas can be greasy and nothing healthy about it, but cheap and tasty
  5. Any Elote/Esquite Stand on the Street may be not the healthiest choice but definetely a delicious one.

For more info about Instituto Cultural Oaxaca go to www.icomexico.com