Go to a Baseball Game If you la like Baseball Oaxaca is the perfect places to spend the summer because it is “Beisbol” Season – Support the “Guerreros 

CelebrateOn July 5th Visit Teotitlan del Valle for their Annual Town Festival, where you will experience one of the most authentic oaxacan celebrations full of culinary delicacies such as “Mole Negro”, Tamales, Tlayudas, Quesadillas and huge selection of tapestries

Help to Alleviate Poverty Join a Tour to one of the Villages around Oaxaca with Fundación En Vía 

Bike Go on a Self-guided tour or rent a bike at Bicicletas Pedro Martinez 

Go to One of the Guelaguetzas On the last two Mondays of July go to a Guelaguetza either in Zaachila, Etla, Tlacochahuaya or San Antonino 

Walk Do the Mezcal Treasure Hunt or the Mezcal Walk or visit an Artisanal Mezcal Maker

Buy Visit one of the indigenous Markets in Oaxaca  

Hike Over the Weekend you can go hiking and spend the night in the Sierra Norte 

Take a lot of Pictures and share them with your friends!

Study Spanish at the Instituto Cultural Oaxaca